Chapter 8 – Someone’s Getting Pushy

It started with the posters.  Someone was drawing on them.  Moustaches on Bob.  Ugly teeth on Louie.

And then there was the writing on the town walls.  “Bob is a slob!” and “Louie? Phooey!”

“OOOH!  OOOH!” said Bob.  “Who would DO that!  We’re just simple stars, trying to eek a living out of our exceptional talent.  Oh why!  Why!”

“Who knows,” said Louie.  “Just ignore it.  It’s the price of fame.”

Bob tried to ignore it.  But he began seeing it more and more.  And it bugged him more and more.

And then other little things began happening.  As the people would crowd around them after their shows it wasn’t just pats and handshakes anymore.  People started stepping on Bob’s feet.  And pulling his hair.  And poking him in the ribs.  Twice he was pushed so hard that he would have fallen over if the people weren’t packed in so tight.

“I’m afraid,” said Bob.  “Someone doesn’t like us and is trying to hurt us.  I think it’s time to go home.  We can be famous there.  We can even be on TV!”

“You’re blowing this out of proportion,” said Louie.  “Everyone loves us.  When you’re in a crowd people will step on your feet and poke you on accident.”

“And pull your hair?  And push you over?” said Bob.

“Could happen.”

“It’s not an accident,” said Bob.  “We’re in danger.  We should get while the getting’s good, go back to my universe, and we can be even more famous there.  Mister Ed was a talking horse, and he couldn’t even dance.  And he got his own TV show.”

“Bob, don’t worry,” said Louie.  “We’re not in danger.  And if we are ever really in danger I can get us out of here immediately.”

“Then do it now,” said Bob.  “This has been fun, but it’s time to go home.”

“No it’s not,” said Louie.  “We’re not in danger, and I’m having too much fun.  I’ve been to lots of places and done lots of things, but I’ve never been this famous.  And I want to keep being famous for awhile.”

“But Louie, I keep telling you.  Back at my place you can be even more famous.” said Bob.  “Besides, my parents probably think I’m lost and never coming home.”

“No, they don’t,” said Louie.  “When we go home we’ll get back at the exact time we left.”

“We will?  Good,” said Bob.  “I’ll be able to find out if Bob is going to get back with Marsha, and whether Marsha really is her evil twin Edith in disguise, and…”

Louie bit Bob on the leg.

“Ouch!  Why’d you do that?”

“Because you were boring me.  Now relax.  You’re famous.  You’re having fun.  Enjoy yourself.  Smile.  No one’s out to get you.”

But Bob wasn’t so sure.

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