Chapter 2 – Straight From the Pony’s Mouth

“Stop screaming!” said the pony.  “You’ll pop your lungs.”

Bob stopped screaming.  “What?”

“Thank you,” said the pony, who had stopped galloping and was standing still.  Bob still held on tight.

“Wait a minute,” said Bob.  “Did you talk to me?  DID YOU TALK TO ME?  I knew it!  I’m having a dream!  My mom didn’t throw out my TV.  My dad didn’t buy me a pony.  Because if he did, my pony wouldn’t be talking to me because ponies can’t talk.  Yeah, that’s it, I’m having a dream.  A bad dream.  And I’m going to wake up in front of the TV!  That’s right, I was watching a TV show about a talking horse, and I fell asleep, and I’m going to wake up right…now!”

“I’m not your pony.  My name is Louie and I belong to myself.  Although if you do what I say I’ll give you a lock of my mane.”

“I’m still dreaming!  WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!”

“Bob, let me show you that this is not a dream.”  Louie kicked up his hind legs, throwing Bob up and over his head.

Bob landed flat on the ground.  “OUCH!”

“Hurt, didn’t it,” said Louie.

“Yes it did.”

“If it were a dream it wouldn’t hurt.”

“Maybe I’m just dreaming that I’m hurt.”  He sat up and rubbed his back.

Louie reached down, grabbed a hunk of Bob’s hair in his mouth, and pulled.

“STOP THAT!” yelled Bob, reaching for Louie’s head.

Louie let go.  “Convinced?  Or do I need to bite something else?”

“NO! YES!  DON’T BITE ME!  WAKE UP WAKE UP!  I’M DREAMING ABOUT A TALKING HORSE THAT BITES!  I WANT MY TV!”  Bob ducked low to the ground and covered his head with his arms.

“Bob, you’re not dreaming, and I can talk.”

“I don’t understand,” said Bob, rubbing his head.

“I’ll explain later.  Right now climb back on.  We need to find our way out of these woods and into the next adventure on my list!”

“No,” said Bob.  “I don’t ride ponies.  And I don’t like adventures, unless they’re on TV.  I’m just going to sit here until my Mom and Dad get me and take me home to my sofa and my television.”

“Climb back on or I’ll bite you again,” said Louie.

Bob climbed back on.