Chapter 5 – To Join or Not to Join

“That was INCREDIBLE!  UNBELIEVABLE!” said a short round man with a long mustache who ran up and hugged Louie.

The man let go, backed up, and held out his hand.  “Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Irving R. Irving, greatest circusmaster in the universe.  I have never seen such art, such showmanship, such skill, such entertainment anywhere on this planet!  You WILL join my show.  No, you will BE my show!  We’ll make signs.  Millions of signs saying, ‘Irving’s Circus presents…’ uh, excuse me, I didn’t catch your names.”

“We didn’t throw them,” said Louie.  “This is Bob, and my name is Louie.”

“‘Irving’s Circus presents…BOB AND LOUIE!’  We’ll travel the whole world!  We’ll appear before kings and queens!  We’ll make millions!  Billions!  You’ll be the biggest stars ever!  How does that sound?”

“Sounds awful,” said Bob.  “Take me home and you can join a circus there.  Any circus there would want a talking horse.”

“Talking horse?” said Irving R. Irving.  “Who cares about a talking horse.  Nothing new about that.  But a horse that dances!  And a boy that rides!  Join me.”

“We’ll do it,” said Louie.

“NO WE WON’T!” said Bob.

“YES WE WILL!  Don’t be boring, Bob,” said Louie.  “If you knew how fun the universes are you’d never sit on your couch watching TV again.”

“I don’t want fun.  I want my sofa and my TV.  And I want to go home,” said Bob quietly.

Louie turned his head and looked at Bob.  “Okay Bob, I’ll take you home.”

Bob smiled.

“After we’ve had some fun here,” said Louie.  “Sign us up, Irving R. Irving, and let’s get this show on the road!”

“AAAAARRGGHH!” said Bob as he grabbed his head.