Chapter 12 – You Can Do It!

“That’s it,” said Bob.  “Steady…steady…you can do it!”

The tall man was standing in the middle of the barn.

On his shoulders stood the short man.  The short man wobbled a bit, but he didn’t fall.  And on his face was a big smile.  “I’m doing it!  I’m doing it!”

All the other performers were standing around, amazed.  They had never seen anything like this before.  One person standing on another’s shoulders!  The world would be in awe.

And not just because of this act.  For days Bob had been teaching the circus folk new acts.

He had shown the short man that if he made his handbird in front of a light, the bird would show up, huge, on the wall.

He had taught the lady in green to juggle two balls.  (Bob tried to teach her to do three, but he didn’t know how to do it himself.)

He had taught the man in blue and the man in brown to stand on their heads and to do somersaults.

And he had taught the skinny lady to throw a stick high in the air and catch it.

“Great!” said Bob, and the short man jumped off the tall man’s shoulders onto the ground.

The short man ran up and gave Bob a big hug.  “Thank you! Thank you!” he said.

And then BAM!, the barn doors were thrown open.  In rushed dozens of police.  They grabbed the performers and pushed them to the floor.  One police officer grabbed Bob as another pulled the short man away.  “You’re all under arrest,” boomed one of the officers, “for the kidnapping of Bob!”