Chapter 13 – Louie to the Rescue

“Hello, Bob,” said Louie.  He stood in the open barn door.  He had waited until all the commotion was over before coming in.  “I’ve come to rescue you.”

“Oh Louie!” said Bob, and he ran up and gave him a big hug around the neck.  He was surprised to realize how much he had missed Louie.

“Are you okay?” said Louie.  “Did they hurt you?  If they hurt you I’ll take them to a universe I know where it never gets above freezing and I’ll leave them there.  I should have listened to you when you said we were in danger.”

“I’m okay, Louie.”  Bob let go of Louie’s neck and turned to look at the rest of the barn.  Everywhere were police officers sitting on circus performers.  The performers were not smiling.  They did not look angry, just sad and afraid.

“Louie, what’s going to happen to them?”

“Who, Bob?”

“The circus performers,” said Bob.

“Is that who they are?  They’ll probably be put in jail for the rest of their lives,” said Louie.  “Kidnapping’s a serious crime, you know.”

“But I don’t want them arrested,” said Bob.

“WHAT!” said Louie.

“WHAT!” said the police officers.

It took a bit of talking for Bob to explain to Louie why he didn’t want his new friends arrested.

Then it took even longer to explain to the police officers.  Bob never did convince the police officers.  They thought the performers needed to be arrested.  But they did admit that they couldn’t make any arrests if Bob didn’t press charges.

The officers got up off the performers, brushed the hay off their uniforms, and marched out of the barn.

Soon the only ones left in the barn were Bob and Louie, the circus performers, and the two ponies.

“And now, Louie, I have something I need you to do,” and Bob whispered in Louie’s ear.