Chapter 6 – Every Crowd has a Silver Lining

Irving R. Irving was as good as his word.  Within hours there were posters all over town announcing:

“The most incredible!



Show on the Planet!!!!

You won’t believe your eyes!!!!!

A pony who dances!!!!!!

A boy who rides!!!!!!!

Come see it tonight or you’ll be sorry!!!!!!!!”


And that night in the town square there was a HUGE crowd.  People were hanging out of windows, and sitting on rooftops.  Hot air balloons floated overhead.

Irving R. Irving clapped his hands with glee.  “And all of them are paying to see you, Bob and Louie.  We’ll be rich!”

Bob just stared.  All these people wanted to see him and Louie?  Were they nuts?

When it was time for the show to begin, Irving R. Irving strode to the center of the square and shouted, “Welcome ladies and gentlemen!  You’ve heard about them.  You’ve dreamed about them.  And now you’ll see them with your very own eyes.  The incredible, the amazing, the unbelievable…BOB AND LOUIE!”

The town square exploded in applause and cheers.  Bob smiled.  He was surprised to find himself just a bit excited.  No one had ever wanted to watch him before.  He knew how the actors on TV must feel.

“It’s SHOWTIME!” said Louie, and he trotted to the center of the square, with Bob holding on tight.

Louie danced.  He sang.  He bowed.

Then he picked up three stones and juggled them.

The people in the crowd were in shock.

“Can you believe it!”

“Look what he’s doing!”

“It must be magic!”

“And look how that boy holds on!”

Bob was impressed.  “That’s pretty good, Louie.”

“You bet it’s pretty good,” said Louie.  “You try juggling without fingers.”

When the show was over everyone rushed to pat Louie’s head and shake Bob’s hand.  Bob had never had so much attention paid to him.  He kind of liked it.

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